Magic Coating Mascara (Oil Free)



This Coating Mascara is actually a deep black tinted sealer for classic eyelash extensions, a hybrid between mascara and sealer. So effective, that it can tint the skin, so apply carefully and slowly to the lashes only, avoiding the eyelid area. It is a must have product that maximizes the strength of the adhesive bond while protecting the lashes against oils, dirt, water, humidity, perspiration and other factors that can break down the adhesive. Sealers also keep extensions moisturized, glossy and groomed beautifully. This product has a deep black tinted color giving lash extensions a more dramatic look. Perfect for those clients that love to wear mascara, the tinted sealer gives you the dark finish that you are looking for without the weight and mess to the lashes! Remove nightly with oil-free makeup remover wipes. For classic extensions only! Don’t use with hybrid or volume extensions!


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